Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Purple Sweet Potato Soup

Again, it's freezing today!
Especially in the morning, it was freezing to death!!!
(Compared to the winter in NY, it is far better though...)
But yesterday, I realized that I shouldn't wear a lot.
I wore 2 overcoats and it was too hot when I took a train.
Also, the cold let up at the time I go home.
So this morning, I tolerated the cold when I left home.

Anyway, on Sunday I created 6 new recipes.
6 is my quota, but I didn't like my photo framework overall :(
I was in bad form...

One of the recipes I created is Purple Sweet Potato Soup.
This soup is soy based and very healthy!
My boyfriend again had his wisdom teeth pulled, so I created this soup for him.
To tell the truth, I wanted him to get a flu shot before having his tooth out, since it wasn't that urgent. But he didn't listen to me...
His face got swollen excessively.
It seems like he cannot get vaccinated for a while.
See! That's why I told him.
Now the flu is going around.
I don't care if he catches the flu!!!

Ooops! I'm getting off the subject.

Recipe in Japanese is here.
I will write in English if anyone wants.
Does anyone know any site to post your own recipes?
I am looking for such page.

See you tomorrow!

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