Friday, November 30, 2007

Long Layer Jewel Strawberry Shortcake

This morning, I changed my shoes to sneakers.
I didn't feel any pain, so I was in a happy mood :)
However, what made me mad was happened on the train...
I was standing with my back against the rail of the seats.
The men seated behind suddenly gave a tug at my hair!!!
Can you believe it?!
It seems like he was annoyed by my long hair, but he shouldn't do such a thing without notice!!!
I was going to warn him but didn't...
He looks like a normal corporate employee but could be a freak!
I didn't want to haggle over so I kept my temper.
I hate to commute by train!

Anyway, back to my cooking :)
As I said yesterday, I have a gorgeous Christmas cake recipe!
I garnished a long layer strawberry shortcake with cookies decorated with silver and pink argent.
This is my taste!
I love pink and glittering stuff.

Here is the recipe.
Again in Japanese, sorry.
I will write in English if anyone wants.

Okay! See you next week!

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