Thursday, November 29, 2007

Triple-Layer Christmas Chocolate Cake

Every morning, since few weeks ago, I feel pain in between my toes (fourth finger and pinkie).
I thought it might be a hard corn, but seems like callus...
Anyway, I shouldn't wear shoes that pinch my toes :(

Christmas is coming! So today, I will present one of my Christmas cakes: Triple-Layer Christmas Chocolate Cake!
This is not that difficult.
I used chocolate, coffee, and plain buttercream fillings for the thin chocolate sponge cakes.
Then I covered the cake in a chocolate coating, garnished with edible flowers (roses), and dusted them lightly with powdered sugar.

I posted this recipe at Lettuceclub (one of the sites I post recipes).
Few months ago, they put out a call for Christmas cake recipes.
There were more other themes as well and I created more than 40 recipes to challenge all, but none of them won prizes...
Ooops!!! Just moaning about it...

Here is the recipe.
Sorry in Japanese.
I will write in English if anyone wants.

Tomorrow I will show you my gorgeous Christmas cake :)
Bye Bye!

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