Monday, December 3, 2007

Soy Collagen Jello with Lemon Marmalade Sauce

It's already December.
It's my birth month!!!
I'm not that happy to get older, but I am looking forward to going out for a dinner with my boyfriend :)
He said we are going out on this Friday!
Actually, my birthday is the 9th but we might go out with my parents on the weekend, so that is why.

Good news!!!
On Saturday I won the highest award at Megami's Recipes site!
The award-winning recipe is "Christmas Tofu", that I posted here last week.
As I wrote before, the Megami's Recipes site is directed by Yukio Hattori, best known as an expert commentator on the Japanese television show Iron Chef.
I received a few comments from him, which is very valuable!!!

Writing about my work.
On Sunday, I created 5 new recipes.
One of them is "Soy Collagen Jello with Lemon Marmalade Sauce".
Recently, there are a lot of food products containing collagen (especially the food products that target women) in Japan.
As I get older, I become interested in skin care.
Lotte Japan sell a collagen powder that contains 10000mg with vitamin C! I used this powder to make the soy jello.

The recipe in Japanese is here.
I will write in English if anyone wants.

Tomorrow, I will write about another collagen-related recipe!
See you :)

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