Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Should I Enroll in the Cooking School?

It's nice and warm again!
But little bit hot in the office...

As I said before, yesterday I went to the cooking school after work.

The class was fine and fun.
I cooked "Simmered Hamburger".
I think this one lesson was enough to learn what I needed (knife skill etc.) for the upcoming cooking contest.

However, I wonder whether I should continue to commute (enroll) or not.
To tell the truth, overall level was low :(
But I liked an enjoyable atmosphere!

The school is located right in front of the nearest station, so it is very convenient to commute.
The class is about 2 hours (including tasting and cleaning), so I can go home by 8pm (if I commute after work), which is good.

However, I can't make a decision!!!

Do I need to pay for such an inspiration?
I know I don't get nothing if I don't try...

Anyway, I cooked the "Simmered Hamburger" again at home for my boyfriend.
He loved it :)

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