Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My Nabe Recipes

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It's nice and warm today! I don't need a winter coat, yet. But according to the weather forecast, temperature will drop day by day...

The cold weather makes me want to eat Nabe. Nabe (or Nabemono) is a term referring to all varieties of Japanese steamboat dishes, also known as "one pot dishes".

In summer, there was a big contest held by Mizkan Group (they have some dashi products for the pot dishes) and I created some Nabe recipes to enter the contest. Unfortunately, I lost the prize but was a good chance to create them for the winter.
It was pretty hot to create them in Summer though...

One of the Nabe recipes that my boyfriend loved is "Ton (Pork) Balls Nabe". I made it like Tonjiru (pork and vegetable miso soup), one of my boyfriend's favorite food :)

Recipe in Japanese is here.
I translated it in English HERE.

Today, I am going to attend the cooking class that I mentioned last week. I will write about it tomorrow if I get a chance!

See you again :)

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  1. I'd love it if you could write this recipe in English. Do you still have it?

  2. Thanks for your comment, jill!
    Yes, I will write in English as soon as I can!
    Actually this is my first time to translate my recipe, so give me a little time.
    I will update this diary when it's done, and will write in my new diary as well! I hope I could let you know in this way.

  3. Ochikeron, I am dying to make some nabe! My wife and I used to huddle together under our kotatsu and eat our own version which we made from hondashi, pork meatballs, cabbage, butter, garlic, onions, and other things. But this recipe looks amazing. Can you please translate the recipe into English, as we did not learn enough while we were there to be able to cook recipes. Arigatou gosaiumasu!!!

  4. Thanks for the comment, paul!
    I have it translated here.
    You used to live in Japan?!
    I am very surprised that people in other countries know nabe!
    Hope you can get the ingredients :)


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