Thursday, November 8, 2007

Takikomi Gohan

It was chilly this morning.
I can't believe the warm weather we had yesterday!

Today, I went out to eat lunch with my co-workers.
I ate Wild Vegetable Soba :)
Usually, I eat at my desk using Internet, so it's fun sometimes.

Back to my cooking.
Yesterday, I cooked Takikomi(boiled) Gohan(rice) using 5 black-colored ingredients.
Takikomi Gohan is flavored rice with vegetables and(or) meat cooked in a rice cooker.
We usually cook this in consideration of color balance.
However, yesterday I unified the color :)

- Black Pork (which is a local specialty in Kagoshima prefecture)
- Sliced Tangle (kind of seaweed)
- Forbidden Rice (please see Wikipedia)
- Black Sesame
- Dried Shitake Mushroom

For the seasoning, I used Sake, Black Sesame Oil, Soy Sauce and Sea Salt.
I didn't use that much to season since the Dashi Broth of Sliced Tangle is enough to flavor the rice!

My boyfriend loves Takikomi Gohan, so he ate more than usual :)
Also many kids love this!

Takikomi Gohan is very healthy with a lot of different kinds of vegetables and(or) meat.
This time I used Black Sesame Oil to enrich the taste, but you can cook without it to lower the fat.
Also, you can try this in many different styles, using garlic to taste like Italian or whatever!!!
But just be careful when you adjust seasoning.
You don't want strong-tasting.

Recipe in Japanese is here.
I will write in English if anyone wants.

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