Monday, November 12, 2007

Diet Recipe Contest

Today Eriko(who retired and opened a cafe) visited our office, so we went out to eat lunch again.
Yesterday I visited her cafe, so this is why she came :)
Her cafe is very intimate and her way of making coffee is great!
I want all coffee lovers to try out her coffee.
Of course her food menu (especially her curry) is great, too!
I am sorry that this is located in Japan :(

Different story.
As I mentioned on Friday, I attended the awards ceremony on Sunday.
My boyfriend came with me :)
The contest was held by Bureau of Sewerage Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
They put out a call for diet recipes using less oil, that are good for our health and "the sewage system". They want to prevent people from dumping cooking oil waste into the drain of a sink.
(The candidates were limited to Tokyo residents.)

1 grand prize and 2 second prizes were awarded.
Mine was the second prize :)

The grand prize recipe was created by a high school student. She made potato croquettes using deep-fried been curd. Instead of frying, she pan-broiled them to reduce the oil usage. (pictured second from the left)

The second prize was mine and a housewife's.

My recipe was "Microwave Stir-fried Pork and Vegetables". I didn't use oil but I used pork loin and some bacon to make it tasty. (pictured third from the left)

The housewife's recipe was "Daigaku Imo (Japanese Candied Sweet Potatoes) Cooked in a Rice Cooker". We usually fry to make this, but she steamed! (pictured right)

All recipes were sampled by those people who attended this awards ceremony.

I had a TV interview :) -->

It was a busy morning, but in the afternoon, I didn't have that much to do.
I hung out with my boyfriend, went to Eriko's cafe and shopped around the town.
Compared to my usual artwork (cooking) day, it was a verrrrry relaxing day.

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