Tuesday, November 24, 2009

We Just Got MARRIED!!!

On November 22nd, we filed our marriage paper!!!

In Japan, 11/22 is a good married couple day. We read (as phonetic equivalent) 11 "ii" which means "good" and 22 "fu-fu" which means "married couple". Very simple, but we will never forget this date ;)

In the evening, my family threw us a surprise party at Yoga Club (dogs okay restaurant). Milk (our dog) came to celebrate us, too. Along with dinner, we had Mommessin's Beaujolais Nouveau. I think this brand is quite a hit this year! It was refreshing but tasty. We all liked it!

Milk also had a cake. We tried it before he ate. It wasn't sweet at all. The cream part was potato. The bottom part was a carrot cake with cinnamon flavor. We all thought the carrot part is edible. Ha-ha!

Anyway, thanks for your support!
We have lived together for 6 years, so nothing changes as husband and wife, but I am really happy now. I think all things happened between us are meaningful. I want to keep ALOHA in my heart and cherish our time together forever!

We will be happy :D

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