Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Rum Raisin Banana Jewel Cake

This morning there was a mess in the living room.
My boyfriend... again!!!
I wrote about it before.
He doesn't ask me to do something, so he doesn't like me to ask him to do something...
Which means I have to tidy up!!!
I was little mad this morning, so I ignored him.

There is another reason that I got mad.
Last night, I used Tenmenjyan, which is sweet miso of China, to cook dinner.
I knew he doesn't like sweet stuff but he didn't even like sweet miso!!!
He left almost all of the dish.
I loved it though...
He said it is something like the "New Year's food".
In other words, he doesn't like the New Year's food!!!
Really upsetting...
Since the New Year's food is very beautiful, I cook it every year, but he made me upset...

On Sunday, I made a Christmas cake using a riped banana.
It is a banana cake with fresh cream and rum-soaked raisin filling.
I found sky-blue argent the other day and wanted to make something similar to the pink one!
I am satisfied with it, though my boyfriend don't like sweet thing!!!
I have a recipe here, but in Japanese... sorry.

Okay, I gotta go.
See you tomorrow!!!

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