Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Heart-Shaped Corn Dogs

Yesterday was a holiday, so I skipped writing my diary.
It was a Christmas Eve but I did a thorough house cleaning with my boyfriend, since the next day was a garbage collection day.
(In Japan, we have a tradition of doing a thorough house cleaning at the end of each year.)
Since we work until the 28th, we couldn't miss this garbage collection day.
Otherwise, we have to live with the garbage until 1/8!!!

Anyway, today I am kind of busy, so I can't write much.
I will show you my cute Heart-Shaped Corn Dogs.
The recipe is in Japanese, but you can see how I made this heart shape in the photographed procedures.
I colored them green using green juice.
They are very healthy:)

I gotta go now.
Happy Merry Christmas!!!

I didn't get a Christmas present from my boyfriend!
Should I give it to him?
I'm thinking...

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