Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Tonight, I have another company year-end-party...
I have forgotten about this so I don't feel like attending this year... but I have to.

Anyway, yesterday, I didn't get any present from my boyfriend :(
He was sorry about it but I'm very shocked!!!
So, this weekend, when we hold our year-end-party in Ginza, I will ask him to get something!

Me? I bought him a hand strap for cell-phone that has a logo of penguin: Suica (rechargeable contactless smart card used as a fare card on train lines in Japan.) I remembered that he said he switched to mobile Suica (which is the mobile version of Suica) and he wants the penguin strap that goes with his mobile Suica installed cell-phone. So I looked for it all over Shinjuku station. Finally, I found not the strap but the Suica card case with a cute penguin icon chain at kiosk. He attached the chain to the cell and he was satisfied with it. I wish I could get the strap, but surprisingly, none of the station staff knew about the Suica character goods store so I couldn't even look for it...

Okay. I gotta go now.
See you tomorrow!!!

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