Monday, December 17, 2007

White Christmas Eel Roll

Yesterday, we moved into a new office.
Since we worked on Sunday, our lunch expenses were on the company! Yay!!!
Also we bought a lot of snacks for our coffee break :)
It was a pain to move, but was a nice day at the end.
In addition, our office is brand new and beautiful!
Especially the ladies' room, it is like a first-class hotel!!!

Writing about my recipe, today I won the "I see prize" (<- Sorry I don't know how to translate this prize in English) at the Fresh Cream contest organized by Cookpad.
It is avocado and tomato roll with eel on top.
I served it over the sauce made with fresh cream, mayonnaise, mustard and salt & pepper. Then I lightly dusted it with Sichuan pepper.
The combination of all is great!
I want everyone to try it out :)

I gotta go now.
Have a good day!

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