Friday, December 28, 2007

Zoni Soup

Hello. Today is the last day at work!
From tomorrow till the 6th, we have new year's holidays! Yay!!!

But unfortunately, it gonna rain tonight.
It seems like to last for few days, but I hope not, since I haven't finished the window cleaning yet...
It is said that the clean window brings in the happiness!

Anyway, yesterday, I showed you my Osechi-Ryori, so today I will show you my Zoni Soup.
My recipe is here.
"Zoni soup is a Japanese soup meal mainly eaten with rice cakes (mochi), and is nowadays generally eaten on New Year's Day and at least in the following two days.(shogatsu).
As for ways of cooking the soup, different regions in Japan spot many variations, but in most cases it is either a clear soup (sumashi-jiru) flavoured with dashi (stock usually made from flakes of dried bonito) and soy sauce, generally preferred in eastern parts of the country, or a miso soup generally preferred in the western parts. "
Mine is the miso soup.
I used white miso which is a specialty in Shiga prefecture.

Stay warm and enjoy your holidays!!!
See you next year!

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