Monday, January 7, 2008

Rice Porridge with Seven Herbs

Happy New Year 2008!!!
Today is the first day of work this year.
It was a long holiday but I still need more days off!!!
This morning, surprisingly I could get up!
During the holidays, I was keeping late hours so I was afraid of getting up early.
I need to be careful tomorrow morning as well.

This new year's holidays, I cooked new year's food (Osechi) as usual :)
I posted my Osechi here.
Also, I created 10 new recipes during the holidays.
I will show you some if I get a chance!

Anyway, today (1/7) is Jinjitsu.
It is also known as Nanakusa no sekku, "the feast of seven herbs", from the custom of eating rice porridge with seven herbs (nanakusagayu) to ensure good health for the coming year.
The image up here is the nanakusagayu I made last year.
The porridge is good for digestion after eating and drinking too much during New Year parties.
Also, those herbs used are rich in fiber and minerals, which may help improve digestion and blood circulation.
I am going to cook it tonight :)
(I have a recipe! But in Japanese, sorry... )

Hope this year brings everyone happiness and good health!
I believe there is nothing more valuable than good health!!!

Stay warm and see you again tomorrow.

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