Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Hand Care Items

Yesterday, I couldn't write my diary because my home PC couldn't go online... Sometimes our LAN has a temporary problem, so this might be the reason. Hope it is fixed by this evening.

Anyway, I wish I could have a day off... my supervisor is verrry annoying. But I'm a good girl, I hardly ever take off from work!

Moaning is enough!
Today I want to write about my hand care items.
Since I cook almost everyday, my hands are brittle and cracked in winter. So this winter, from November, I started to use some hand care products!

The image on the right is Edible Hand Cream.
Since it contains edible ingredients, you can use it while you are cooking! It costs a bit but helps a lot!

The image on the left is Casabella's Water Stop Gloves. I hate to wear gloves while washing dishes but I soon got used to them. They just fit my hands!
Also, I love this kind of pink :)

Okay. I gotta go now.
See you again tomorrow.

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