Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Aojiso Flavored Natto Dressing Salad

Last night, I watched TV till 1AM since there was an interesting TV program.
I thought I couldn't get up early this morning, but somehow I could :)
Maybe because it was warm and I wasn't freezing in bed.

Anyway, last week, I won Riken's new non-oil dressing samples: Aojiso (shiso leaf), Herb & Lemon, and Teriyaki.
As I mentioned before, people who won these samples should think some recipes (new ideas) in return.
So on Sunday, I made a very healthy salad: Aojiso Flavored Natto Dressing Salad.
I mixed non-oil Aojiso dressing with natto (a traditional Japanese food made from fermented soybeans) and poured on a salad.
It was delicious.
If you like natto, please try it out!!!

Okay, all for today.
See you tomorrow!!!

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