Friday, February 8, 2008

Bite-Size Sashimi Tofu

It is almost midnight.

I'm pretty tired tonight that I surfed TV variety shows on youtube without any purpose.
Actually, I used the Internet to reply to the comments and e-mails but couldn't thus :(

Monday is a national holiday, so we have 3 days off this weekend!
Since I don't have a special plan, I believe I'm gonna stay home and cook.

The pic here is "Bite-Size Sashimi Tofu".
I cut the tofu into bite size and put sashimi on top.
You eat them with soy sauce and wasabi like you eat sushi!

Okay! I'm really tired now.
I rewrote this diary since it disappeared once :(
I want to ge up early tomorrow morning, so good night!
Have a good weekend!

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