Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Chocolate Chunk Muffins with LOVE Message

The three-day weekend was fast.
It is again the workday :(
But this week we have only 4 days to work, which is good.

This weekend, I didn't go anywhere.
It snowed on Saturday and was very cold, so I was right to have no plan.

On Sunday, I created chocolate muffins but they weren't good, so I tried them again on Monday. The LOVE Message on top was easy, but the muffins... those were hell in many ways.
Since I wanted to create something original, I got pretty tired going through a trial and error process.
Anyway, I finally created!
Here is the recipe in Japanese.
I will write it in English if anyone wants.

Oops, I'm running out of time.
Bye for now.

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