Monday, February 4, 2008

My Accomplishments

Sorry again! I didn't have a chance to write my diary on Friday.
I was unexpectedly busy.

On Thursday, I could survive the party without feeling uncomfortable.
Since the restaurant was located in a department store, we didn't expect to eat delicious food, but the food there was pretty good!
I had a good time.

Anyway, today I want to write about my recent events.
There are many thing going on!!!

Last Friday, I won the "Angel Prize" at Megami's Recipe site!
I used to write about this site for many times, so please search my diary if you want to know about it in detail.
The prizewinning recipe was "Stir-Fried Salt Rubbed Chinese Cabbage".
I received a comment from Yukio Hattori, which made my day happy :)

Also, on that day, I got honorable mention for Sushi competition at All Japan Sushi.
They put out a call for new sushi menu and there were more than 400 submissions, so it was pretty competitive.
I created Fillet-o-Sushi.

Then the sad news (or good news?!).
On Saturday I received a message from Megami's site.
They say that they are going to stop the site for a while to renew the site.
It was on such short notice that I couldn't accept it for a while...
Hope they come back soon.

Then the bright news!!!
On Sunday my "Lucky Eho-Maki" recipe was posted on the front page of (No.1 recipe search/posting site in Japan).
I checked my statistics at cookpad this morning and realized that I had a lot of traffic on that day! Wow!!!

And today, I got honorable mention for "salt Zosui competition" at is the site to search & learn & evaluate about many different kinds of salt(mainly in Japan).
My piece was "Chicken Broth Zosui".
I boiled a Chicken Thigh Meat in water and flavored cooking liquid with salt and used for Zosui. You eat it with varieties of ingredients.

Also today, I passed the initial screening to go to the finals and create drink recipes using camu camu. I think I'm gonna be busy again this month!

Okay. I wrote enough today!
See you tomorrow :)

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