Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Field Mustard Corn Chowder

It seems like the spell check function came back :)

Yesterday, I won the Vegetable Soup Prize at Original Soup Recipe competition!
This competition was organized by Kewpie (a leader in the history of Japanese mayonnaise and dressing production business)at Cookpad (No.1 recipe search/posting site in Japan).

The soup is soy milk based, so it has a very mild taste.
With less flavoring, you can enjoy the rich and sweet taste of vegetables.
In spring, we see a lot of edible Field Mustard at a supermarket.
It is something like broccoli and we eat before the bloom.
Thus I used it with corn, which also goes good with broccoli!

It is getting warm.
It seems like spring has come!

Time to write about my spring recipes :)

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