Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My Plan for Summer Vacation

Every summer, I visit New York with my boyfriend.
It is already our 5th visit this year.
In other words, it has been already 5 years since we came back to Japan. (We used to live in New York.)
Actually, the first year, we went there in winter because the tour package was real cheap.
However, the weather was freezing cold (we forgot about the weather), so we decided to go there in summer from then on.

Badly, fuel surcharge is increasing every year.
5 years ago, it was about $50, but now is about $400!!!
Including airport tax and the other fee, we will be charged about $500 this year...
So, this year, I searched more precisely for the least expensive tour package.
But up to this point, I don't find any good one :(
I thought of booking plane ticket and hotel by myself, but surprisingly, the total price seems to be the same as the tour package.
However, today I found that if we select a little bit luxurious hotel, the total price becomes a good deal.
I guess I am talking to myself too much today.
No one understands this, right?
Okay, to conclude, I am still thinking!!!

Anyway, today, I forgot my key at home again...
It was the second time to borrow the key at real estate this year!
To justify myself, I forgot it because it was a garbage day!
Last time as well, I was thinking of throwing out garbage before I leave home, which my boyfriend doesn't do!!!

Finally, writing about my cooking!
Today, I will show you my Neapolitan Couscous Salad.
I came up with this idea from the meal served on the plane last year :)
The idea is everywhere!

Bye for today!!!

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