Thursday, March 13, 2008

Western Style Green Pepper, Carrot, and Egg Kinpira

Yesterday, I was going to write my diary.
But again, I struggled with the booking stuff...
I mean, the plane ticket I was going to book online has disappeared.
I called the agency and they explained that they have changed the product rate recently.
They might again change the rate next week, so I was asked to go back at that time.
I hope not suffer from a nightmare.
Sometimes, I see a dream of my worries.
I think I should never play the market! Ha-ha!

Anyway, yesterday, 100th person made my Western Style Green Pepper, Carrot, and Egg Kinpira at Cookpad!
I explained about this function before.

Kinpira is a Japanese cooking style that can be summarised as a technique of "saute and simmer".
We usually cook root vegetables such as carrot, burdock and lotus root, seaweeds and other foods including tofu and namafu (wheat gluten) with the seasoning such as sake, mirin, sugar, and soy sauce.

However, I used green pepper and egg, which is unusual for kinpira, and used ketchup instead of sugar.
Also, I used sesame oil to add an appetizing flavor!
I released this recipe on 06/4/6.
I am glad to know that many people love this idea :)
The recipe is in Japanese, so I will translate it in English if anyone wants.

I will come back tomorrow if I'm doing fine!
See you!!!

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