Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Hi! It is very sunny today!
Hope spring has come.

Yesterday, my supervisor was again very annoying.
He always comes to work late.
Also, he goes to lunch after the lunch break.
I hate him do that because no one knows where he went suddenly...
He says we can assume, but I think that makes no sense!


Last week, I didn't have a chance to write about my prize-winning piece so I will write about it today.

In March, Asahi (the 2nd largest beer brewery & soft drink company in Japan) gave out free samples of alcoholic beverage called "Vegete" and asked for recipes that goes good with it.
Vegete is low alcoholic beverage that contains 20% each of vegetable juice and fruit juice.
It uses 21 different sorts of vegetables (such as carrot, spinach, asparagus, red bell pepper...) and 4 different sorts of fruit (such as orange, lemon...).
Asahi jointly-developed this product with Kagome (manufacturer of food and beverage products based on tomatoes and other various vegetables) combining their strengths.
Last Year, in September, they first launched tomato based alcoholic beverage, "Tomate" and was relatively successful.
Judging from it's reaction, they say that the new product "Vegete" will definitely appeal to and be a hit with health-conscious consumers!

I tried "Vegete" and was great!
It is uncarbonated and easy to drink :)
I think it will be hit with people of all ages!

So, my prize-winning recipe is "Ginger Marinated Bacon and Vegetables"!
Can you find mine at the linked page? :)
I used soy sauce and maple syrup to give a salty-sweet taste.
Also, I used a lot of grated fresh ginger to make it refreshing!
The recipe is here.
I will translate it in English if anyone wants :)

By the way, this week, I'm doing bad. Losing prizes...
I don't have time to bum out, so I'm gonna do my best!

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