Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Vinegar for Salad

Hello! Nice weather here today :)
Yesterday, I went to see the dentist.
Last Friday, I found a cavity by myself!
I regularly visit the dentist but it was not found because it was hidden in between teeth :(
Strangely, I had no pain in that tooth, but it was too late and the dentist had to kill the nerve.
I do brush and floss my teeth after every meal but the dentist says I am prone to tooth decay.
I guess I'm totally out of luck these days.


One of my vinegar recipes is now introduced at Mizkan's website!
As I wrote many times, Mizkan is famous for it's vinegar products.
In January, I won their new product sample, "refreshing apple vinegar for salad".
It has a spicy flavor of clove and cardamom, and a rich flavor of chicken and scallop.

I made Garlic Chicken Saute Salad using this product.

They also have "mild tomato vinegar for salad".
I didn't win this.
It has a spicy flavor of thyme and oregano, and a rich flavor of chicken.

They launched those vinegar products for people who want to cut calories and salt content.

This year, I see a lot of healthy food products on the market in Japan.
For example, many beer companies have started to release sugar-free beer!
I believe this is because, this year, Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare proposed measures for addressing metabolic syndrome in its efforts to prevent lifestyle-related diseases. People aged 40 to 74 are required to take medical examinations to check for signs of excessive internal fat, high blood pressure and a high blood-sugar level, and to receive health guidance if necessary.
From here on, people will make healthy choices about the foods they eat, so the demand for healthy food products will increase!

Okay, this is all for today.
See you again!
Hope I can translate a recipe tomorrow :)

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