Saturday, April 12, 2008

Moffle Maker

Hi! Again, I didn't have a chance to write my diary on Friday.
I have a lot to write and I have written a draft but I'm not ready to post it. I hope I can catch up.

Today is my sister's 18th birthday.
I bought her a Moffle Maker that makes "mochi" waffle.
This is very popular now in Japan!
Mochi is a Japanese rice cake.
You place it in the machine and cook it like you make a waffle.
You will get a crispy outside and soft & airy inside waffle shaped mochi, moffle.
You can eat it in many ways. With toppings, dipping sauce, or you can even sandwich your favorite ingredients inside. But to sandwich, you need to use thin mochi for shabu-shabu!

However, unfortunately, my sister said she doesn't like mochi...
I never knew that!!!
I thought she ate zoni soup at New Year's.

Anyway, I should better ask her from the next time, because I did the same thing at Christmas.
I gave her a toy cat but she didn't like a cat...

Okay, I need to stop!
Will come back next week!!!

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  1. Neat they have a waffle maker for mochi. I bet tastes good. Too bad sister did not like your gifts. She does not like cats? I love my kitty!

  2. Hi jo! I want you to try it out someday! I haven't tried it, though. But I believe it's very interesting!!! I would borrow from my sis, if she doesn't use it. Ha-ha :)
    >>She does not like cats?
    She likes miniature poodle because my other sister has (real) one, but she doesn't like animals in general... even toys...

  3. Hey! I'd love to get one of these contraptions but have no idea where to start...any ideas? I live in New York.

    Thanks!! Dave.

  4. Hello Dave!

    Good question!
    Where in NY do you live?
    I am not sure whether they have that many home electronics or not, but try Sunrise Mart in East Village.
    Or, if you are close to NJ, try Mitsuwa Marketplace. This store is pretty big, so they might have imported.
    Anyway, I'd suggest you to call them first before you go ;)


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