Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Natural Disaster

Today, the sun showed up, but the forecast says it's gonna rain again this weekend :(

This morning, we ate the last of the ikanago no kugini that my grandma gave us. Next year, I really want to cook it with her to learn how!!!

Yesterday, I wrote that global food crisis is closer than we think.
In addition, we people live in Kanto region need to be prepared for a great earthquake, which might take place soon.
Severe earthquakes have hit Japan since the beginning of the twentieth century.
In 1923, the Great Kanto Earthquake (magnitude of 7.9) took place, which caused extensive damage over a wide area including Tokyo. Then in 1995, the Great Hanshin Earthquake (magnitude of 7.2) took place, which devastated much of the Hanshin area, including Kobe and Awaji Island. And in 2004, the Chuetsu earthquake (magnitude 6.8) took place, which ravaged the central region of Niigata prefecture. In 2007, the Noto Peninsula Earthquake (magnitude 6.9) and the Chuetsu Offshore Earthquake (magnitude 6.6) took place.
We have frequent earthquakes these days, so we are overdue for a large one! I need to provide against it but it depends on where you are. I might better check the safest place to take cover during the earthquake.

Speaking of earthquake, Tokyo Fire Department has asked for the survival food recipes using preserved (canned) food products and familiar vegetables in April. I submitted some of my recipes. Hope I could pass preliminaries since I had a call from them that I am a nominee.

Sorry for the gloomy topic again.
Bad weather until yesterday made me think pessimistic.

Tomorrow, I will write something happy!!!
I have a lot to write!

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  1. Hi Ochi,

    No earthquakes here, but we have had tornados or sraightline winds come through. How wonderful your cooking expertise comes in handy even in mother nature crisis. Good luck on your recipes winning. I need to be like you and submit more of my poetry work out!!

    Rain here too, since last Friday through tomorrow! My daughter Asia has a softball game tonight! I hope it is cancelled, I am scorekeeper! :)

  2. Hello jo!
    I've never heard of straightline winds, I just searched google!
    Very interesting to know the difference between tornado!

    About submitting work, we have many haiku and senryu contests in Japan.
    I am not good at writing, so I've never tried, though.
    I am kind of crazy about creating recipes losing time to do the other stuff, so I think trying at your own pace is better!

    Your daughter's name is Asia?!
    One of the Kanji characters of my name represents Asia! (Not ochikeron! Ha-ha!!!)
    Hope it didn't rain hard or canceled :)

  3. Yes Ochi,

    Straight line winds can do as much damage as a tornado. We have had a lot of them come through in the past years. My daughter's name is Asia, my mom just loved her name. She said it was perfect! :)

  4. Good morning jo!
    We have fine weather here again!
    That's very nice origin! How sweet name!!!
    This morning I saw that the crude oil jumped $5! How bad... I need to save money for my summer vacation...


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