Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Global Food Crisis

This morning, the wind and rain were very strong!
I took a bus to go to the train station.
It cleared up in the afternoon though.

Yesterday, I received a notice about the reward card I use at a supermarket. They say that they gonna change the reward system. Currently, 1000 points = 1500 yen, but from September, 1 point = 1 yen. I think I won't be interested in accumulating points at that supermarket any more...
Too bad!

Bad things are happening on the food market as well!
The government raised the price of wheat in April, which pushed up prices for many food products, including bread, noodles and confectionery from this month. They have already raised the price last year, so this was the second time! (Higher prices to hit hard in April)
Hope this could be a solution: Japan looks to rice flour as wheat prices rise.
Also, prices of butter and cheese are going up! (Butter supplies running short at supermarkets)

Global food crisis is closer than we think.
This article was very interesting: 8 Ways to Fix the Global Food Crisis.

We consumers can't easily change things, but we can try not to waste food!
I always try to get clearance food products to save money, but maybe need to do so to save our food.
Someday, we all might need to grow vegetables for our own consumption, just like it used to be!

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  1. Hi Ochi,

    Rain here too, and clearing up until this evening. Isn't it awful how even stores are cutting discount available to consumers. We are also feeling the pinch here with high gas and food prices.

    Living in the country we plant a big garden every spring. Garlic is grown fresh and I use it all year til the next spring. Yes I shop the clearance isle too! :)

  2. P.S. I really liked your article on Global Food Crisis. I hope you don't mind I am going to provide your link on my site so others may read it too! Very interesting!

  3. Hi jo!
    Finally, we've got a blue sky here!
    Yes. High gas is also a problem here. I don't drive a car in Tokyo, but I know it is necessary in your place. I used to live in a suburban area of NY and CT, so I know you can't live without it.
    I think we don't all need a car here in Tokyo. Too many people drive just for fun! Also, I don't know why, but many companies here accept driver's license as qualifications for the job. I think subsistence is important.

    Oh my god, talking about gas, fuel surcharge is rising. This year, I paid twice as much for the plane ticket, compared to last year.

    About the global food crisis, I think you know better than me!
    I want to remain aware of this kind of issue in my life.
    It might be late, but I really want to take time to appreciate the nature!

  4. Interesting article! I came here from Jo's blog. You have a very nice place here!

    I wonder if we are smart enough to grow our own food now? I've never even tried a real garden....I guess we can learn, if we have to. :)

  5. Hello pepektheassassin!
    Thanks for visiting.
    Right... I've never tried it for real, too.
    But yes! When it comes to the pinch, we can do it :)
    I hope things don't get worse.


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