Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Vinegar for Salad 2

Bad weather here today :(
Again, it is raining and will last till tomorrow.

In past days, I wrote about Mizkan's new product, "refreshing apple vinegar for salad".
Last month, they held a contest at Cookpad (recipe site) and asked for recipes using the product.

I made a simple pork salad and that was awarded as a "great for salad recipe prize". Here is the recipe.
I stir-fried shabu-shabu pork and strips of vegetables with slices of garlic. Then marinated them with the vinegar and served in Boston lettuce leaves. Shabu-shabu pork is very soft and the vinegar is very refreshing! All ingredients are healthy but increase your stamina!

Anyway, I am kind of depressed about what I am doing right now.
Do all feel the same? Only me?
My boyfriend told me I can find what I can do at my pace, but I want to make my day more productive! Especially during the daytime on weekdays...

Sorry about this gloomy stuff!!!
I'm fine, but sometimes I have a conflict.

Yesterday, I was so tired that I went to bed early.
I dozed off while taking a hot bath...
Hope to see you daily :)

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