Thursday, May 15, 2008

Yakitori Dishes

We finally got some sunshine :)
The sky is blue and I feel happy!
The weather is good for outing!!!

I went out to eat lunch with my co-worker.
I had a lunch menu: gohan (white rice), yakizakana (broiled fish), tsukemono (Japanese pickles), and misoshiru (miso soup).
It is a typical Japanese menu, but I enjoyed a lot!
It is sometimes good to eat out for a change.

Speaking of outing, last year, on April 26th, I went on TV and cooked dishes using yakitori (Japanese type of skewered grilled chicken).
I was on a variety show called "Hanamaru Market", which is a TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System, Inc.)-affiliated program. It starts from 8:30 in the morning till 9:54, Mon-Fri. Kumiko Okae and Hirohide Yakumaru host the show.
It is a popular morning talk show and they features many useful and entertaining information to make our life happy :)
Yakitori is usually sold at a special price during outing season, so I was asked to think attractive recipes using it.

The below are the dishes I made:
- Nagaimo Yam Cheese Steamed Yakitori
- Indian Style Piccata of Yakitori
- Yakitori and Crushed Cucumber Salad
They all are very easy!

I thank to Cookpad (recipe site) because they gave me this precious opportunity.

Okay, I gotta go.
I'm in good humor today.
I hope it lasts... but guess not! I know that well! Ha-ha!
See you again tomorrow.

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