Friday, June 13, 2008

Pepsi Blue Hawaii

Yesterday, I couldn't wake up on time. Maybe due to the rainy weather... But today, we have clear and sunny skies, so I could! Ha-ha :)
I think my sleepiness is affected by the weather! As you see, I couldn't post my diary last night...

Day before yesterday, I tried a beverage called "Pepsi Blue Hawaii". It just went on sale on June 10th for a limited time. It comes in blue soda, reflecting the image of tropical ocean. It's pineapple & lemon flavor leaves a refreshing aftertaste!
One of my coworkers likes to try out such a weird product. Why I say weird is because Suntory (Pepsi's distributor in Japan) has sold many other funny Pepsi drinks: "Pepsi Ice Cucumber (2007/6/12)", "Pepsi Carnival (2006/7/25), "Pepsi Gold (2006/11/7)", "Pepsi Red (2006/6/6)", etc...
They say they want people to enjoy drinking Pepsi and become users. Just as they wished, we buzzed-about it!

Yes! I love hot stuff!!!
Last weekend, I went to Shibuya (popular shopping and eating district) to get summer clothes!
My favorite shopping mall is SHIBUYA 109. I used to shop there often, but these days I don't (because I spend more time at home cooking), so it took about 3 hours in the shopping mall to update myself!
Because I pondered over, the pierced earrings I liked were all sold out when I went back to get them :( Thus, I ordered all the way from Nagoya! Sounds crazy, but I really wanted them. And on Wednesday, I got them! Yay!!!

Don't you think this cool? I made a magazine cover with my picture :) Someday, for real, I want to produce a recipe book!

Anyway, I found many blog widgets that I want to add in my blog! I hope I can add them nicely!

Okay, see you next week!

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  1. Hi Ochi,

    Rained here today too, but sun out now, and very humid! Going swimming! I never tasted Pepsi Blue Hawaii. I always liked diet Pepsi, but now I'm staying away from aspartame sweetner. They say not good for you!!

    I love to shop too, for new and modern things. I love your magazine cover, very nice!! You could also be a magazine cover designer, I love artwork so much fun! I like your kissing blog widgets thingys very cute!

    Have nice weekend!

  2. Hi Jo!

    We had a nice weather this weekend!
    Not humid and there was a nice wind :)

    So do I! I used to drink diet Pepsi or Coke but now I try to drink water. Water without ice, if possible. I heard water is good for health.

    I can tell that you like artwork! You have nice poems and pictures!!!

    You know what!? It is sometimes difficult to read (understand) someone's blog for the first time, but now I don't for your's ;)


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