Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My Accomplishments

It was sunny yesterday and cloudy today!
We have very hot (high 80's) and humid weather these few days.
Better than rain though.

Today, I will list my recent accomplishments!
Actually, I was writing these yesterday, but couldn't finish up because this humid weather made me extremely tired and drowsy! (Am I always drowsy?! Ha-ha!)

On 5/30, my recipe using kamaboko (steamed pureed fish loaves) won the bronze prize! I made chili-style stir-fried kamaboko, sausage, and vegetables. The contest was organized by a kamaboko shop in Fukuoka called Sekiya. They have been in business since 1882 of the Meiji Era. As a prize, I received assortment of their kamaboko products! The package arrived day before yesterday!
I am looking forward to trying them out :)

On 6/10, I won the crispy salad award at Kraft's Parmesan cheese contest organized by cookpad. I sprinkled the cheese on top of the aburaage (deep fried tofu) and toasted until golden and crisp! Also, I toasted bacon strips until crisp. Then crushed them and placed on top of a spinach salad. Kind of Italian, but tastes good with Japanese-style dressing :)

Then on the same day, 6/10, I won the idea recipe award at Asahi Kasei's Cookper contest by cookpad. Asahi Kasei Corporation provides innovative solutions based in chemistry and materials science to a diverse range of markets including fibers, chemicals, consumer products, housing, construction, electronics, and health care. They have a product called Cookper (cooking + paper = Cookper), which is kind of parchment paper but less glossy. You wrap seasoned ingredients of your choice in the Cookper and microwave until done, just like you use Ziploc's microwaveable containers! If you open from the center, you can use the Cookper as a dish to serve :) I think parchment paper can be a substitute!
I translated the procedures (image on the right). Anyway, Asahi Kasei asked for easy microwave recipes using Cookper and my Chinese-style steamed beef and mushrooms won the prize!

Conversely, I won't write them in detail but I lost a few other big contests...
I will do my best the next!

This is not about a contest, but on Monday, I saw Harrison Ford on a popular TV variety show called SMAPXSMAP! He was invited as a guest of Bistro SMAP! (SMAP is a very popular Japanese idol group and they cook dishes for the guest by request at Bistro SMAP.) Harrison Ford loved steamed sea-bream rice ;)
One of the members asked him the key to his success, and he said "to do things in your way". He is so cool!
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is coming out on June 21st in Japan!!!
I like Indiana Jones series, so I can't miss this!

This is totally different story but I just knew that Kousuke Kitajima (breaststroke swimmer) lives above our office!!!
We are in the same building! Wow!!!

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