Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My Accomplishments

Hi! We have sun today! Yay!
The weather forecast was wrong.
It supposed to rain all week, but not...
I just hope it won't rain on Sunday, the day we leave for NY!

I won two prizes at Cookpad this week.

One is my "I Love Daddy Chocolate Cake"! I won the dad moving award! This contest was held by Meiji Seika Kaisha, Ltd., the Japanese confectionery and pharmaceutical company.
They asked for Father's Day recipes using their milk chocolate.
As I wrote before, I don't know about the taste, but it is sure that he liked it :)
He left for China on Sunday.

Another winning recipe is "Avocado Speed Rice Gratin".
The contest was held by Kewpie, well known for their mayonnaise! Also, they are well known for their three-minute cooking products. In February, they released "oil sauce for pasta" that can be cooked in 3 minutes. There are 5 different flavors: Soy Sauce and Pepper, Garlic and Red Pepper, Anchovy and Olive Oil, Dashi Scallion, and Italian Taste. You just cook your favorite ingredients with this sauce and dress pasta in it.
To open up the usage, they asked for the recipes using this products. I mixed "Soy Sauce and Pepper" sauce with avocado paste, pour it over the rice, sprinkled cheese on top, and baked. It is something like Japanese-style guacamole with rice! It was great :)

Okay again, I am very drowsy and tired.
See you tomorrow ;)

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