Friday, June 27, 2008

Watermelon Recipes

Hi! Weather here is unstable. We expected to have rainy days this week, so I carried my umbrella with me every day, but didn't rain! Anyway, the temperature went down, so we had bearable weather. That was good. Please don't rain on Sunday!!!

Anyway, every summer, watermelon recipe contest by the farmer in Tottori prefecture (Kurayoshi city) is organized at Cookpad. The grand prize is 100,000yen, so it is pretty competitive. I never won the highest, but luckily I'm receiving a prize every year. Flying by the seat of my pants, I was not thinking of submitting my recipe this year because I don't think I'm having a chance to receive a prize again. However, last Friday, I won free samples of watermelons. Sounds like I have to create something! And I did! On Sunday, I made 4 new watermelon recipes.

Talking about watermelon, it is very good for your health!
It helps to beat the summer heat! Sugar (fructose and glucose) of watermelon gives you a power to your tired body. Also, it purifies your body. It eliminates toxins from your body and has antioxidant properties!

I will link to some of my fun watermelon recipes!
Sorry, all are written in Japanese. Please enjoy looking at those pictures :)

- Watermelon Chocolate
- Watermelon Tiramisu
- Watermelon Cookies
- Watermelon Kabobs
- Watermelon Sushi
- Watermelon Minced Meat Rice Bowl
- Watermelon Pizza
- Watermelon Chirashizushi
- Vinegared Watermelon
- Watermelon Salad
- Watermelon Sangria
- Stir-Fried Watermelon

Okay! I'm leaving for NY in a few days, so will come back after 7/8!
Please enjoy browsing my recipes till then ;)

Oh my god! I just heard that the fuel surcharge for the plane will increase (+$140) from July again! I think we were right to leave in June!!!

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