Friday, July 25, 2008

Doyou no Ushi no Hi

Just me? It was extremely hot this EVENING and sweat dribbled down my back while walking back to home!

Yesterday was "Doyou no Ushi no Hi". It was a midsummer day when the oriental zodiac is ox. On this day, we eat unagi (eel) to take nourishment and beat the summer heat!

But why unagi?
I just searched and found that it can be anything that starts from "U" on this day! Can be "udon" or whatever! Interestingly, now we eat unagi just because someone has promoted to do so! Like getting a chocolate for your loved one on Valentine's Day! I couldn't find who started though.

Anyway, we had unagi last night! I served it with "Thai red curry marinated natto, mulukhiya (is a leafy gooey summer vegetable), and okra"! Why I used Thai red curry is because I won a free sample of it and had to use it. Also, yesterday I had natto and gooey vegetables for my lunch and got energy, so I used those vegetables for my boyfriend to get the same :)
I think I made a pretty entertaining dish.

Once in two years, we have another day to eat eel in summer, which is called "Doyou no Ni no Ushi no Hi" (8/5), so the next time I will serve the eel in an ordinary way ;) Of course I don't have to wait till this day though.

I'm drowsy now...
I'm so lazy tonight that I didn't even cook anything! (My boyfriend doesn't need dinner, so that is my excuse.)

Okay. See you next week!

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