Monday, July 28, 2008

Fortune-Telling Onigiri

Hi! This weekend I had a normal weekend.
My boyfriend was so busy every Sunday that we couldn't even eat dinner together! But finally we could, this weekend!!!

Today, I was going to summarize my recent events and accomplishments but some of them are not yet announced in public, so I will wait till then ;)

Anyway, do you believe in horoscope? Maybe I do... Every morning, I check my horoscope on TV. Actually, I don't check, they show us our horoscope!!! Sometimes I miss, but if I see, I will be concerned, especially when something bad is expected :( And things just come true and turn out bad, strangely! My boyfriend says I worry too much though...

Talking about horoscope reminds me of my fortune-telling onigiri (rice ball) recipe! I made this long ago. It is very easy! You just put a bite-size cheese in one of them, which is a winning ball! Yay ;)

I think I never mentioned this, but we eat onigiri every morning! Like a bagel, it is digested slowly, so you won't get hungry until lunch time! Also, to eat breakfast has dieting effects, so we try not to skip it! I'm not losing weight though...

Okay, I gotta go now.
Good night!

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