Monday, July 28, 2008

Fortune-Telling Onigiri

Hi! This weekend I had a normal weekend.
My boyfriend was so busy every Sunday that we couldn't even eat dinner together! But finally we could, this weekend!!!

Today, I was going to summarize my recent events and accomplishments but some of them are not yet announced in public, so I will wait till then ;)

Anyway, do you believe in horoscope? Maybe I do... Every morning, I check my horoscope on TV. Actually, I don't check, they show us our horoscope!!! Sometimes I miss, but if I see, I will be concerned, especially when something bad is expected :( And things just come true and turn out bad, strangely! My boyfriend says I worry too much though...

Talking about horoscope reminds me of my fortune-telling onigiri (rice ball) recipe! I made this long ago. It is very easy! You just put a bite-size cheese in one of them, which is a winning ball! Yay ;)

I think I never mentioned this, but we eat onigiri every morning! Like a bagel, it is digested slowly, so you won't get hungry until lunch time! Also, to eat breakfast has dieting effects, so we try not to skip it! I'm not losing weight though...

Okay, I gotta go now.
Good night!

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  1. Hi Ochi,

    I read horoscopes ocassionally, I find not all of it comes true! Maybe I need to read a better horoscope!!

    I love rice balls, my mom used to make them with just salt on the outside, and cucumbers on the inside. Also she made with takwan
    inside, so good! I never thought of putting cheese inside. You are becoming somewhat Americanized in your cooking! Yes!

    I eat flakseed bread, or now zucchini bread in the morning for breakfast. I can't seem to lose weight either, I love to eat good home cooked food. We also eat a lot of grilled meat in the Summer! :)

  2. Hi jo!

    I think I'd better not see the horoscope part of the program! I just believe when I see it and that causes my fortune... (only when it's bad!)

    You know takuwan?! Did your mom made it at home??? (Some people do!)
    I am surprised that you like tsukemono! There are many good ones in Kyoto! You have so many places to visit!!!

    I love breads made from seeds! Zucchini bread sounds interesting!!! I know some people make zucchini cookies and muffins! I want to try those someday :)

    Yes! Home cooked food is the best!!! It is sometimes tiring to eat out.

    I envy you that you can grill outside! Here in Tokyo, people might call the fire department!

  3. Hi Ochi,

    Mom did not make takwan, but we bought yellow radish one at Asian store. It's quite good, but I can't eat too much get stomach ache! I thought you grilled food a lot there. Maybe in olden times my mom told me they grilled meat there when she was young. Not sure if they used wood or coal.

    Yes I have lots of places to visit there. At least I know I would love the food, thankful mom showed us her Japanese tradition of cooking. Even my daughter loves sushi! :)

  4. Hi jo!

    Yes we use coal and sometimes wood!
    We can grill in the kitchen, but not like BBQ. (We can't make smoke)
    Maybe in suburban area, you can grill outside, but not in Tokyo, I guess...
    I always eat out to have grilled food.

    How nice that your daughter can eat Japanese food!!! I recommend many people to try Japanese food because it is very healthy: makes the most of the natural flavor of the materials with less seasoning ;)


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