Thursday, July 24, 2008


Hello! It is a tropical day again!
I hate taking packed train on such day because sometimes you're forced to stand next to sweltering passengers!!! Yikes!

Anyway, yesterday I got really sleepy and couldn't post my diary again. Gee... this steamy weather is really tiring!!!

Before I forget, I will write about last Saturday!
My boyfriend and I went out to eat creative Chinese cuisine at Koumibou. We live very close to the restaurant, but we just didn't have a chance to go there till this day!!!

The restaurant is so popular that many TV programs have featured it before!!! Once I saw it on Tsuyoshi Domoto's "Domoto Tsuyoshi no Shoujiki Shindoi"! On this program, he makes a small journey with a guest to a selected place. One day he toured our neighbors and had lunch at Koumibou. I remember he and the guest were eating Peking Duck!!! Also, the ramen that uses the broth of the duck seemed very delicious!!!

However, we couldn't have the Peking Duck. The portions were too big for us :( But we had chopped Peking Duck and vegetables served with pancakes, which was similar to the Peking Duck and was delicious!!! Also, all other dishes we had were great.

Next time, I'm gonna go there with my parents and sisters to have the Peking Duck ;)

Today, I went to lunch with my co-worker. I had a lot of vegetables to beat the summer heat! What I had was vegetable rice bowl (salad, natto, and mentaiko on top) and a green vegetable smoothie! Now I feel better!!!

Take care you all!!!

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