Friday, July 18, 2008


Hi! It was raining this afternoon! Maybe after a week or so. And needless to say, it was very hot and humid!!!

Today, my co-worker bought us Nenrinya's baumkuchens! I didn't know about the store, but she said it is very popular in Tokyo! She had to stand in a long line to get them!

Nenrinya's baumkuchens are different from those in Europe! They say they instill Japanese traditional sensibilities when they bake. Why I say baumkuchens (plural) is because they have 2 different kinds: firm rings (crisp coating) and soft rings (sponge cake type). This is their distinction!

Hmm. They both were great, but too complicated to understand the quality! I mean, I know many other baumkuchens said to be good and just couldn't compare with them... Anyway, I perfectly enjoyed the fancy snack ;)

Different story, but I could make an appointment with my orthodontist tomorrow morning because someone has canceled!

I'm drowsy now... so will stop!
Have a nice weekend ;)

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