Friday, July 18, 2008


Hi! It was raining this afternoon! Maybe after a week or so. And needless to say, it was very hot and humid!!!

Today, my co-worker bought us Nenrinya's baumkuchens! I didn't know about the store, but she said it is very popular in Tokyo! She had to stand in a long line to get them!

Nenrinya's baumkuchens are different from those in Europe! They say they instill Japanese traditional sensibilities when they bake. Why I say baumkuchens (plural) is because they have 2 different kinds: firm rings (crisp coating) and soft rings (sponge cake type). This is their distinction!

Hmm. They both were great, but too complicated to understand the quality! I mean, I know many other baumkuchens said to be good and just couldn't compare with them... Anyway, I perfectly enjoyed the fancy snack ;)

Different story, but I could make an appointment with my orthodontist tomorrow morning because someone has canceled!

I'm drowsy now... so will stop!
Have a nice weekend ;)

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  1. Hi Ochi,

    We are having the same weather! Very hot and humid here.

    Sounds very interesting cake instilled with Japanese traditional sensibilities. Never heard of that before! THey both seem appetizing.

    I hate having to go to the doctors don't you! Your luck will change, we say here bad luck comes in 3's.
    So this is your 3rd back luck, with no more to come!

    Let another comment on your previous post! Have nice weekend! :)

  2. Hello jo!

    I've just been outside and it was dying hot... there was no wind!

    I do hate to go to the doctors, but for me, orthodontist is something different! I really want my teeth to be straightened out :)

    > bad luck comes in 3's
    Same in Japan! We have that saying, too! I didn't know how to say it in English, so I learned from you!

    It is strange but I am not getting any e-mail notice when you comment on my post, so thanks for letting me know!!!

  3. Hi Ochikeron,

    How are you?Weather here also same as you there,hot and getting hotter at noon time.Temperature will rised up to 30 degree.

    For our,Chinese saying that age with '9' not a very good year.Bad luck will often happen.

    Hope when you go see the doctor,they will not hurt your teeth.I scare to go see doctor sometimes too.I scare of injection.My mum said i looked like small kid,only small children scare of injection.

    Anyway,have a good Sunday..

  4. Hello josephinechoo!

    Sorry for this late reply. I was away from PC till Monday.

    We have ages of calamity, and that includes the age 19, too!

    You know what!? I've just seen my orthodontist but I broke my bracket again...
    I hope I'm not having another 3's...


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