Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fat-Burning Sour Drink

It is again hot and humid in Tokyo.
Glad not raining though!

Hmm. It is hot but I'm not losing weight!!!
Okay, here I'll translate my sour drink recipe, which helps burn fat ;)
I wrote about the sour drink before, but will explain it again!
Sour drink is a drink made by soaking fruits and sugar in vinegar for more than a week. The flavor of the fruits will be added to the vinegar after a period of time. When ready, you dilute it with water (or soda or anything you like) and drink.
The vinegar contains nutritional elements that are effective in relieving fatigue. Also it reduces blood cholesterol levels and there are many other good things for your health.

This time, I soaked white grapefruit and ginger in vinegar! I believe some people know but the grapefruit contains a fat-burning ingredient. Also a pungent ingredient of the ginger increases metabolism!

Fat-Burning Sour Drink

Difficulty: Very Easy
Time: 5min + soaking time about a week
Number of servings: about 10

200cc Mizkan's Rice Vinegar
200g honey
100g (about 1/2) white grapefruit
100g ginger

1. Remove grapefruit peel, leave the pith on, cut into wedges. Peel ginger and slice.
2. In a scalded glass storage jar, dissolve honey in vinegar.
3. Add grapefruit and ginger, cover it with a lid, and keep in refrigerator (or in a cool, dry, dark place).
4. Shake gently once a day. After a week, remove grapefruit and ginger (you can eat grapefruit as is and can use ginger for cooking).
5. In a glass, dilute the mixture 4-5 times with soda or sparkling water (I recommend).

My original recipe in Japanese is here.

Oh my god. My braces broke off. I need to see my orthodontist tomorrow, if possible :(

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  1. Hi Ochi,

    Your drink sounds interesting. Would it not be too sour? Hot today here too in the 90's. Very oppressive though, almost sickening hot. My pool was wondetful to swim in, the water not too cold.

    You must have bad luck, sprained ankle, hurt knee, and now broken braces. You are a work of art Ochi, take care of you! :)

  2. Hello jo!

    If you try it for the first time, yes, it would be very sour! Sour drink is very popular in Japan. We have many different kinds of sour drinks, like we have many different kinds of SAKE :) We have shochu-based sour drinks (chuhai), too!

    I wish I could have a pool! You know what?! I just searched for a pool and found an endless pool! How interesting!!!

    I hope that something good may come after the bad!!!

  3. I didn't know there were different kinds of Sake, almost like we have different types of wines here.

    The endless pool, I never heard of.
    I have an oval one, so we can do swim laps back and forth. The water is so beautiful now, when we had all the rain it had turned green. Since the rain stopped we've had clear water. I was just in the temp today 90 degrees!

  4. Wines are a good example! Yes! We have many different kinds of sake in Japan. I don't know much about it though...

    I want a pool at home! I envy you!!! The closest pool is several miles away, so I don't think I can go there to get cool...

  5. I like ur idea but in Spain japanese products are very expensive so can be remplaced the vinegar for other kind? Like withe wine vinegar or apple vinegar?

  6. not wine or apple but use cereal vinegar (regular unflavored vinegar) for this recipe~

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