Friday, July 11, 2008

My Accomplishments

Hi! It is very hot here in Tokyo!!! We are still in the rainy season and having a very humid weather every day :(

As usual, I will list my recent accomplishments!

On June 24th, following the first release, my recipe using Kagome's basic canned tomato sauce product become a recipe sticker again! It is now available on the can at the stores. (Sorry I just have an image of the sticker, but actually, it is on the tomato can!)
The recipe is Vietnamese Tsukemen. Tsukemen is cold noodles. You dip the noodles into the cold broth and eat. I made the broth using the tomato sauce product and nuoc mam (Vietnamese fish sauce)! It has nice ethnic taste :)

On June 26th, I won the grand prize at asahi beer's contest. They asked for appetizer recipes, using food ingredients of Kyushu, to go with their beer: Asahi Super Dry!
I cooked fritter with sea bream of Nagasaki prefecture. Which is Harrison Ford's favorite! Ha-ha :) The prize for the contest was a set of train ticket and restaurant coupon in Kyushu. Sounds like I have to go to the island someday!

Yesterday, on July 10th, my recipe (Chinese-style steamed beef and mushrooms) was broadcast on the radio: FM Yokohama!
They introduced the recipe that you can eat a lot of vegetables!
Unfortunately, I missed to hear it, but it was about 7 minutes broadcast.

Also, yesterday, my recipe (Pickled Plum, Japanese Basil and Seaweed Rolled Pork) was introduced as "today's choice" at recipe-blog (the recipe site I'm registered). I had a lot of visitors to my Japanese recipe blog on that day!

Changing my story, today is the release day of iPhone in Japan. The leading company called softbank has released it! Now, I am using softbank's 2G (digital) phone. However, this generation is going to be discontinued in early 2010, so I am thinking of getting the 3G (UMTS - Universal Mobile Telecommunications System) phone, which might be the iPhone. My boyfriend put our name on the waiting list! Hope I can get it... But one thing I concern is the "touchscreen"! I have no idea whether I could get used to it or not.

Yesterday, my boyfriend didn't come home. He is very busy since he took a long vacation with me. I hope he is doing fine. Me? Don't ask!

I'm going to see my friend tonight, maybe after 7 years or more :)
Have a great weekend!

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