Monday, July 14, 2008

A Treat from the King

Hello! We are having high (30C=86F) and humid temperature days continuously! The house won't get cool...
It is better to stay out at a cool cafe or office, rather than running an air conditioner at home.

In April, I wrote that the store called "SWEET MONAKA CREAM" has opened in Shinjuku station, but actually, it temporary closed after a few days. I wondered why but I don't know why.

However, today I found that the new store called "Ousama kara no Gohoubi", which means "a Treat from the King" has opened at the same location. They have a variety of Jersey milk based sweets. (Jersey milk is very rich. It is best suited for cream and butter.) They have Jersey Pudding Rolled Cake, Cheesecake, Jersey Milk Pudding, and Jersey Souffle. Hope I can try once before it closes down...

The truth is, I am posting this in the morning, the next day...
I couldn't stay up last night!
I was going to translate my recipe but maybe tonight ;)

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