Monday, August 18, 2008

Artist Statement

It was nice and cool last night because the rain cooled down the temperature! However, we have high 90F (32C) again!!! I need to be careful not to catch a cold.

Today, my boyfriend came nearby, so I had a lunch with him at my favorite restaurant! I had taco rice and tomato + carrot smoothie. Having lots of vegetables makes me happy :) Yes, of course I am happy because I saw him, too ;)

Anyway, last week I said I am thinking of taking a food related class, but I changed my mind. The class was pretty expensive, and I found many pros and cons, which made me suspicious about it.

Then I asked myself: why I wanted to take the class? and realized that I care how people see me! I knew that before, but I reconfirmed it. It is a popular qualification, so maybe I made a rash decision!

Cooking is my daily work. At the same time, it's my artwork. I believe it is an economical art because you can eat! If I have an appetite, I can create. I never run out of ideas, at least I can eat normally. Every meal, I try to keep my own way to express my feelings and thoughts. I hope people see that in my dishes and enjoy :)

I know I might change my idea someday, but this can be my artist statement as of today!

So, I thought what I need now is not a class, but something for a change! Last Saturday, my boyfriend and I toured 3 gyms. I might start to go to gym. I used to go when I was a student and I know that I can cheer myself up and improve my work by getting some exercise!

Will see...

Oops. I was writing this last night but again posting this in the next morning. I'm not a night person!

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