Monday, August 18, 2008

Artist Statement

It was nice and cool last night because the rain cooled down the temperature! However, we have high 90F (32C) again!!! I need to be careful not to catch a cold.

Today, my boyfriend came nearby, so I had a lunch with him at my favorite restaurant! I had taco rice and tomato + carrot smoothie. Having lots of vegetables makes me happy :) Yes, of course I am happy because I saw him, too ;)

Anyway, last week I said I am thinking of taking a food related class, but I changed my mind. The class was pretty expensive, and I found many pros and cons, which made me suspicious about it.

Then I asked myself: why I wanted to take the class? and realized that I care how people see me! I knew that before, but I reconfirmed it. It is a popular qualification, so maybe I made a rash decision!

Cooking is my daily work. At the same time, it's my artwork. I believe it is an economical art because you can eat! If I have an appetite, I can create. I never run out of ideas, at least I can eat normally. Every meal, I try to keep my own way to express my feelings and thoughts. I hope people see that in my dishes and enjoy :)

I know I might change my idea someday, but this can be my artist statement as of today!

So, I thought what I need now is not a class, but something for a change! Last Saturday, my boyfriend and I toured 3 gyms. I might start to go to gym. I used to go when I was a student and I know that I can cheer myself up and improve my work by getting some exercise!

Will see...

Oops. I was writing this last night but again posting this in the next morning. I'm not a night person!

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  1. Hello Ochi,

    We are finally warming up too in the 80's, but nights still getting cold like Fall already! Nice to have lunch with your honey!

    Only you can make the right decision for yourself. I didn't take my classes either, don't have the money. Really would have liked to have taken them though!

    Hey you can work off all that stress from your job in the gym.

    You are much like my mom in the way you present your food. Presentation is as important as the way food tasted to her. You excell well in both!

  2. Hello jo!

    Really?! I wish our temperatures go down... It was so hot this morning that I was frustrated with my boyfriend! I don't even remember what was the cause...

    At least you think you wanted to learn something, it is good. Sometimes I get lazy to study...

    Yes. I think I can work off all theeeeeeeeese stresses from my job (my supervisor) in the gym!!!

    I think this morning, I presented the breakfast badly to my boyfriend... because I was angry :( I believe it didn't taste good for him.


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