Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Translated Recipes

Yesterday, I was extremely drowsy a whole day... I couldn't even start writing my diary! This hot humid weather makes me tired :(

Today, I went out to eat lunch with my co-worker! This week, I went out twice, which is pretty luxurious to me because I always go out every two weeks!!!
We had a lunch menu at a Japanese restaurant: soba, yakionigiri (grilled onigiri), tempura, tamagoyaki (egg roll), and potato gratin. Each was served in a small portion, so you can enjoy by bits. I love in this way! They were all good!

Anyway, I used to label my translated recipes in the left sidebar, but I made a change! I linked my recipes from lists so that you can search and view them much easier. I hope you realize the difference ;)

Again, I am drowsy... good night!

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