Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Translated Recipes

Yesterday, I was extremely drowsy a whole day... I couldn't even start writing my diary! This hot humid weather makes me tired :(

Today, I went out to eat lunch with my co-worker! This week, I went out twice, which is pretty luxurious to me because I always go out every two weeks!!!
We had a lunch menu at a Japanese restaurant: soba, yakionigiri (grilled onigiri), tempura, tamagoyaki (egg roll), and potato gratin. Each was served in a small portion, so you can enjoy by bits. I love in this way! They were all good!

Anyway, I used to label my translated recipes in the left sidebar, but I made a change! I linked my recipes from lists so that you can search and view them much easier. I hope you realize the difference ;)

Again, I am drowsy... good night!

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  1. Konichiwa Ochi,

    Today we went to big mall far away, and ate at a Japanese fast food restaurant. I order chicken teriaki with vegetables, was good! Better than eating all food cooked in a lot grease!

    Your lunch looked so good. I have to make some eggrolls sometime again. We have a lot of cabbage coming in garden!

    Your sidebar look very organized now! :)

  2. Konichiwa jo!

    Sounds nice! I love malls in the US! They are really big and I think I can spend a day over there :) I remember I sampled some of those Japanese and Chinese fast foods at food court! Ha-ha! Chicken teriaki with vegetables sounds healthy! I'm glad to hear you liked it because sometimes they serve something totally different from Japanese food.

    You know the egg rolls?! It is very standard home-style dish, so right, your mom should have cooked! Wow! Cabbage in your garden?! I wish I could grow them... I love to stir-fry cabbage! Easy and healthy with lots of fiber ;)


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