Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Haagen-Dazs Flower Cup

Hi! We have rainy stormy weather with close thunders. Very scary... Our skies are gloomy all day long :(

Yesterday, I tried to start up our home PC after a while, but it didn't turn back :( It stops before it boosts Windows! I hope that power supply unit is not broken...
Anyway, I am glad that I did back up all my recipe images on 7/17! And the rest up to yesterday, I had them all in my camera.
A technician of our PC manufacturer is coming on Saturday. Hope everything will turn out fine!!! By the way, the phone company is still saying they don't know and they can't support about this.

Changing my story, I love Haagen-Dazs ice cream! In Japan, we have only 5 flavors for the pints (473ml), but we have 16 or more for the mini cups (120ml cups)! To tell the truth, these mini cups cost almost the same as the pints in the US!

This weekend, I decorated cute flowers on the green tea ice cream! Those flower petals are almond slices :) I drew around with a chocolate pen.

My boyfriend liked it ;)

You know what?! I love to have cold ice cream in a warm room in winter! Am I strange?

Tonight I have a plan to see my friend... Should I go in this storm?!

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  1. Hello Ochi,

    Skies here gloomy too! Expecting rain withh possible straightline winds!

    I usually back up my text stuff on hard copy or paper. I do have a CD back-up of my poetry, but need to update it. Computers are a pain when they don't work right. I have new Vista system, it is nice but not compatible with a lot of programs.

    Your flowers on ice cream are very pretty. Love chocolate nice idea with almonds. My daughter and husband eat milkshakes in winter, I don't!

  2. Hi jo!

    Yesterday, 2 sewer workers in Tokyo died because of the heavy rain! How scary.

    >>straightline winds
    Please be careful, jo!

    Mine is XP! Yes. I hear many arguments for and against Vista system. I have been using the same PC for 5 years, so maybe it is the time to change... but I am not ready to switch to Vista.

    I understand your daughter and husband ;) Milkshakes in winter sounds delicious!!!

  3. Thank you arlene!

    Are you a florist?
    Hmm, seems like you are a poet ;)


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