Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Doyou no Ni no Ushi no Hi

Hello! After the storm, we have a clear sky with some clouds!

Last night, since the rain was very hard, I changed my plan and went home... but it didn't rain after that. I regret that I didn't see my friend. It was after 7 years or more to see him :( I hope I could see him someday again.

On the way back to home, I shopped at the supermarket and realized that it was "Doyou no Ni no Ushi no Hi" (8/5), the second day we eat unagi (eel) in summer. (The first day was 7/25.)

Last time, I made something strange..., so this time I served the unagi in an ordinary way, which is called "unadon": a bowl of rice topped with broiled eel with salty-sweet eel sauce. I served it in a small bowl, but usually larger.

I also bought some croquettes because those are my boyfriend's favorites. Every 5th, 6th, 15th, 16th, 25th, and 26th of the month are the croquette days at the supermarket near my house. Croquette in Japanese is pronounced Koroke. 5 is "go" and 6 is "roku" in Japanese, which sounds similar to "korokke", so this is why they are on sale.

HOWEVER... my boyfriend didn't come home that night. He was thrown a surprise party at work because he held a seminar on that day and successfully finished it.

He did a good job! Who can blame him?

He came home in the morning and he was sorry about the unadon. And he ate it (just the unagi though...). He couldn't eat the croquettes because he was drunk and sick.

I just can't believe he went to work after a few hours.

Okay, I'm gonna get the croquettes again today!
I hope he can eat them today ;)

Oops! Cloudy again... the weather is changing very fast!

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  1. Konichiwa Ochi,

    Is my spelling correct? We have clear skies here too after heavy rain came, no straightline winds!

    I can count to 20 in Japanese, Mom taught me. I still remember. She would say roku, and it would sound like loku. Her accent would pronouce r's as l's. I thought so cute

    Your boyfriend seem to drink a lot! Ha! Ha!

  2. Ohayo jo!

    Yes, your spelling is correct :)
    Good that straightline winds didn't hit your place!

    We have clear skies here, too! But I don't believe this lasts long. The weather changes fast!

    Right! We don't have R's and L's in Japanese, so it is difficult for us to use both! The word that I hate to pronounce is "WORLD". Ha-ha!

    Yes. He drinks a lot. But good think is he could take control of his drinking. I can't though... I always ruin my time, so I try not to drink.
    Also, he doesn't speak a lot even if he drinks too much!

  3. Hi,Ochi

    Actually what is croquettes??I really have no idea about it..

    My boyfriend likes to drink too,everytime his friends asked him out for drink he sure the first one who agreed and said yes..

    Well,maybe this was their happiest time and relaxing time..

  4. Hello josephinechoo!

    Croquettes are these. Have you ever tried those? Those are popular home cooked food in Japan :)

    Yes. Drinking party is their pleasure! We need to understand them ;)

  5. Hi Ochi,

    Finally i knew what is croquettes..In Malaysia here,we also have this kind of food too..Lots of restaurant offered this food to customer..My mum cooked this dishes too..

    Thanks for letting me knew about it..

  6. Hello josephinechoo!

    I didn't know that croquettes are also cooked at home in Malaysia! Very interesting :)

    Ask me anything, if you have any question!!!
    I learn a lot from you!!!


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