Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It's Not My Day!!!

Hi! I was going to write about my cooking stuff, but I am running out of time!

Today, I went to the gym after work as I planned. My boyfriend told me that he's gonna go out for a drink with his ex-co-worker (which means he doesn't need a dinner), so I did an extra work out! When I went back to the train station, I found the crowd, and it rapidly grew larger!!! Then there was an announcement about the injury accident or suicide which blocked the way home!!! Shit!!! They say they don't know when they can start the train..., so I took a different train, took a bus, and walked back to home!!! It was a two-hour journey! Another work out?! Such things have never happened on me, so I was very upset. Actually, I was carrying a big umbrella with me with my gym and office bags, because the rain was predicted tonight but it was off the mark!!! The forecaster apologized this evening. I saw while I was jogging... If I knew it earlier, I could have left my umbrella at work :( Oh boy!

I just checked the web and found that the train started after an hour! It was a tough decision because it doesn't make any change in terms of the time!!!

I think I let the stress out at the gym but gained again... I'm gonna take a hot bath and forget about all those hassles!

Will write about my cooking tomorrow!!!
See you!!!

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