Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Yakizakana (Grilled Fish)

Very humid outside! It is only high 78F (26C) but I feel very hot!

On Monday I used the fish roaster that comes with the stove. As seen in the left picture, it is very common to have the roaster in Japanese kitchen stove.

To tell the truth, I have just used it once, maybe few years ago... The reason I don't use it is because you need to wash it after each use... otherwise it smells fishy!

Last week, I won a free sample of grill cobble called "Ecotokukun". Usually we cover the grill plate with water, but you cover it with "Ecotokukun" instead. It prevents dirt and bad smell by absorbing cooking liquid. Also, it has a good insulation, so you can save one quarter of gas usage! Moreover, it cuts one quarter of CO2, which helps improve our environment.

I salt-grilled sanma (Pacific saury) and served with grated radish, lemon, and soy sauce. I always eat grilled fish outside at a restaurant, but now there is no need to hesitate cooking fish at home ;) No bad odor, no cleaning, saves a lot of time!!!

Today I went to the gym again.
I feel like I can go there everyday :)

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  1. Hi Ochi,

    How nice you have a grill in your stove. I don't have one :( Fish is so expensive here, and sometimes not very fresh when I buy.

    So I've been buying salmon in can. My father-in-law used to catch me fresh trout, loved it. But he passed away a year ago! So no more fresh fish!

    The grill cobble sounds much like our coal that we use to grill. Now you can grill in! :)

  2. Ohayo jo!

    You have the grill with coal! That is good enough!!!

    I think I heard about your father-in-law before. I am sorry to remind you about him. I believe the caught fish is better than bought fish even if it is fresh!!!

    I want to eat my grandpa's anago (conger eel) again! It was great of all!!!


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