Sunday, September 14, 2008

Jyugoya: The Harvest Moon

Today, after the gym, I saw a round full moon in the sky! But there were too many clouds and it went behind the clouds once in a while :( And what is more, now it's raining cats and dogs!!!

9/14 (this year) is the night called "Jyugoya" or "Chushu-no-Meigetsu". It is the night with a beautiful full moon! In a fairy tale, it's the day Kaguya-Hime (Princess Kaguya) left for the moon.

On this day, we view the moon. This moon viewing is called "Tsukimi". We offer "Tsukimi Dango" (small round dumplings like mochi), sake, and seasonal fruits with "Susuki" (Japanese pampas grass) decoration. Some people read poems under the moon.
The image is from Wikimedia.

Long ago, when I was small, I cerebrated the day with my grandparents, but now I don't really do anything. However, one year, I made Dango! But with pumpkin with dashi sauce! Because my boyfriend doesn't like sweet stuff...

Today, my boyfriend went home (Shiga Prefecture) to see his mom. He told me over the phone that she still can't speak well but doing fine. Hope she gets well soon.

Tomorrow, I'm gonna have a haircut for the first time in about 3 months, so tonight, I'm gonna change my hair color. Maybe darker a little because it's autumn ;)

Okay, bye for now!

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