Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Six Unremarkable Things About Moi!

On Saturday night, I changed my hair color. Somehow, I used the haircolor for "white hair" and my hair turned out to be very dark (brown)! That wasn't the color I wanted!!! On the package, the color sample was very bright (greenish color) but now I realized that the color was based on the "white hair"! I need to pay more attention when I get something new...

Well... back to my topic! My blog friend jo tagged me for this meme, so I will list mine here:

Six Unremarkable Things About Moi!

1. I seldom watch TV on weekday nights. After work, I go gym, cook dinner (take pictures), take a hot bath, use Internet, and go to bed. I just don't have time to watch it! I watch news in the morning though.

2. I take good news (or fortune-telling) negatively, so that it won't turn out to be worse. I just don’t want to get carried away.

3. I like to eat lunch at my desk at work. I don't really get full eating chatting with my co-workers...

4. I don't work over-time!

5. Like a child, I thrive on praise!

6. I love my boyfriend but sometimes want to be alone...

7. Like jo, I like sevens! I believe in lucky numbers, so I will do an extra one, too!

I won't be tagging anyone but feel free to pick this up if you run out of topic to post ;)

You know, again, I slept before I complete the post... I hope I can keep my diary!

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