Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Premium Calpis

Hello! Today's high is 86F (30C) again! This steamy weather makes me very drowsy :( I couldn't stay up to finish my post last night...

Last week, I had Calpis after a long time! Actually, my co-worker gave me the premium one, "The Premium Calpis", to try it out.

Calpis (in carton) is a non-carbonated beverage concentrate. You simply add as much water as you like to suit your personal taste. (Bottles are ready-to-drink!) Calpis holds the top market share in lactic acid beverages in Japan. It is made from high quality non-fat milk with which is fermented with lactobacilli and yeast and then left to naturally mature resulting in a distinct and refreshing taste. It is all natural and doesn't contain any artificial colorants or preservatives.

As you may know or not, export version of Calpis is called "CALPICO" because in English-speaking countries Calpis may sound like "Cow Piss" :(

I used to drink Calpis almost daily when I was small because my mom kept it in the fridge, but I didn't like it that much... It is now improved but it used to react with saliva and leave white clump in your mouth, which was annoying.

I knew that "The Premium Calpis" has been out on the market since last year but I didn't even thought of buying it because of that clump dilemma. However, unexpectedly, "The Premium Calpis" was very delicious. It was rich like a yogurt!!! I hope it will be available overseas someday!

By the way, Calpis concentrate can also be used to create a variety of dishes!
2 years ago, Calpis held a contest and my "Calpis Banana Roll" using buckwheat flour and soy milk won the dessert prize!
Also, I have some more recipes using Calpis! I will list few of them here :)
- Calpis Lettuce Coleslaw
- Calpis Fried Bananas
- Calpis Blueberry Cookies

Next time you go to Asian or import grocery store, look for Calpis and try it out ;)

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  1. Ohayo Ochi,

    This is a very interesting article,
    I had to smile at the cow-piss part. I know not amusing for a name of a product!

    You never know what name will sell a product here, you may be surprised. Kids especially here love stuff like that, just because it's a name drawer, or attention getter.

    When I go shopping again, I'll have to check it out! I'm leary of this Asian store, they are Korean. I bought mochi there was bad. The other chinese lady had a store here, always kept mochi in freezer was alway good!

    We travel long way to get to store, and I worry if good stuff! But powder stuff should be ok! My daughter and I love yogurt, I lke yoplait the best! ")

  2. Ohayo jo!

    Really!? But yes it's true. We never know what name will sell a product here, too!

    I know. I remember some of the Korean/Chinese stores sell Japanese stuff but was actually not Japanese :(
    But you know this? Korean mochi is different from Japanese one! It is called "tok", made of nonglutinous rice, and is not stretchable!

    My dad liked yoplait! I think I told you this before, but I like Colombo! I like the volume of it ;)

  3. Hello ochikeron!
    we have shiseido here in my country,but i bought shiseido maquillage in japan during in my vacation.

  4. Hi DabaMehon!

    Wow! You've been to Japan?!
    How nice :)

    I think import ver of shiseido cosmetics are different from those in Japan, so it should be a good souvenir for you!

  5. Hi, I was curious if you had any recipes for making a mousse with Calpis. I had a citrus yogurt mousse the other day at a Sushi house near where I live in Atlanta. I know it was made with Calpis and heavy cream, but I'm not a good cook so I went online looking to see if I could find any recipes.


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